List of products by brand RefectoCil

Sponge black - create perfect black eyebrows and eyelashes with RefectoCil henna
Graceful graphite – for timeless eyebrow and eyelash styling.
Beautiful Blue and Black – Create a stunning blue style.
Dazzling deep blue – an even more seductive look.
Natural brown – create a natural brunette look
Luscious Light Brown - brighten your style with RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash henna.
Charming chestnut - add charisma to your style with RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash henna.
Radiant red – make red even more stunning with RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash henna.
Stunning blonde with RefectoCil brightening eyebrow paste.
 Henna RefectoCil Tint Remover – Zmywacz do henny RefectoCil 49.9 - 2  Henna RefectoCil Tint Remover – Zmywacz do henny RefectoCil 49.9 - 2
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RefectoCil Tint Remover – Henna remover
RefectoCil Sensitive Tint Remover is intended for customers with sensitive skin around the eyes
RefectoCil Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover – Micellar eye make-up remover
RefectoCil Oxidant 3% Cream – Hydrogen peroxide in a cream base
RefectoCil Oxidant 3% Liquid – Henna oxidizer for eyebrows and eyelashes
RefectoCil Saline Solution – Cleansing liquid for eyelashes and eyelids
RefectoCil Eyelash Lift Glue – Glue for lifting and permanent eyelash curling – NEW FORMULA!

RefectoCil is a world-renowned manufacturer of eyelash and eyebrow paints, offering exceptional quality and efficiency of products. The company was founded in Austria in 1930 and has since become one of the leaders in the field of professional eyelash and eyebrow coloring. RefectoCil offers a wide range of coloring products, including paints, oxidizers, starter kits and accessories, which are ideal for professionals in the beauty industry, but also for individual clients. Thanks to the innovative and durable RefectoCil products, customers can get intense color and lasting effects, which makes their eyelashes and eyebrows more beautiful and expressive.

RefectoCil is an Austrian brand of cosmetics for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows. For over 80 years, the company has been offering professional products that are appreciated by stylists and beauticians around the world. RefectoCil is synonymous with a durable and natural color that will emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

The company offers a wide range of products for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as for eyebrow care and styling. The offer includes paints in various shades, henna, brightening preparations, starter kits, care cosmetics and tools such as brushes, bowls and eyelash glue.

All RefectoCil products are characterized by the highest quality and safety of use. The company makes sure that its cosmetics are easy to use, effective and durable at the same time. Paints and henna allow you to obtain a natural color that lasts for many weeks.

RefectoCil is a brand that meets the expectations of customers by offering a wide range of products tailored to different needs and preferences. The company is extremely popular among professionals, but it is also gaining more and more popularity among individual clients who want to obtain a durable and natural color of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Thanks to RefectoCil cosmetics, every woman can easily emphasize the beauty of her look. The products of this brand are extremely effective and safe to use, which makes them an ideal choice for every person who cares about their appearance and appreciates high quality cosmetics.

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