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 Strona główna Cyfrowy podgrzewacz do wosku - Safewax Safewax 169 - 2  Strona główna Cyfrowy podgrzewacz do wosku - Safewax Safewax 169 - 2
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Digital wax warmer from safewax. The fastest on the market
Safewax Oil Elixir 4in1 - Elixir in olive oil 4in1 - every professional's dream
The sticks are used to apply hard wax and sugar paste
 Depilacja Safewax - Wosk w granulkach Safewax 45.989999 - 1  Depilacja Safewax - Wosk w granulkach Safewax 45.989999 - 1
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Safewax Golden Honey Safe and gentle stripless wax intended for sensitive skin
Safewax Clean Skin is a cooling gel that gently removes oily substances and impurities from the skin for effective and hygienic depilation.
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Safewax is a company offering high-quality wax depilation products that ensure effective and safe removal of unwanted hair in the privacy of your home. Our products are designed for demanding customers who value quality and safety during cosmetic procedures. Our offer includes various types of waxes that respond to the needs of each type of skin and hair, as well as accessories needed to perform depilation at home. Thanks to Safewax every woman can enjoy smooth and beautiful skin without having to visit a beauty salon.

Safewax is a company offering innovative solutions for hair removal professionals. The main product offered by Safewax is wax, which is safe, effective and easy to use. The company focuses on the highest quality of its products, and thanks to cooperation with experts in the cosmetics industry, it constantly improves and improves its products.

Safewax offer includes waxes for traditional depilation, but also products dedicated to clients with sensitive skin, including hypoallergenic waxes and waxes for capillary skin depilation. The company also offers waxes of various consistencies, which allows the product to be tailored to the needs of each client.

Safewax is a company with a passion for depilation, which is why its products are so effective. Safewax depilatory waxes are characterized by the fact that they do not stick to the skin, and at the same time effectively remove hair. Thanks to this, epilation is more comfortable and less painful than with traditional waxes. The company also offers a wide range of post-depilation products that allow you to care for the skin after the procedure.

Safewax is also a company that cares about the environment. All the company's products are produced in environmentally friendly and fully recyclable packaging. The waxes produced by the company are also characterized by lower energy consumption during the production process.

The Safewax company is constantly improving its products, which is why it offers the latest solutions on the depilation market. All the company's products are safe and effective, and thanks to this they are very popular among hair removal professionals. The company also offers training for beauticians, thanks to which they can learn the best hair removal techniques and methods and find out what products will be best for them.

Safewax is a company that combines innovation, quality and care for the environment. Its products are fully compliant with the highest standards of the cosmetics industry, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone who values effectiveness and safety during depilation.

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