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Wonder Lashes is a company specialising in professional eyelash styling and eyelash extensions and thickening using the one-to-one and volumetric method. Our offer also includes products necessary to care for and maintain the effect of beautiful and healthy lashes. We have the experience and knowledge to individually tailor the styling to the needs and expectations of each client. We care about the highest quality of our services, therefore we use only the best cosmetics of renowned brands. Join the group of our satisfied clients and enjoy a beautiful look every day!

Wonder Lashes is a company specialising in professional eyelash extension and styling products. This company was founded by an experienced eyelash stylist who wanted to provide customers with the highest quality products. Today Wonder Lashes offers a wide range of products including: artificial eyelashes, adhesives, tools and accessories for eyelash extensions and styling.

All Wonder Lashes products are made from high quality materials to ensure not only safety, but also durability and a beautiful appearance. The available products are extensively tested by professional eyelash stylists to ensure their reliability and effectiveness.

Wonder Lashes offers a variety of false eyelashes including but not limited to silk, mink, fur, synthetic and many more. Eyelashes are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures, so you can choose the perfect product for each customer. The company also offers adhesives in a variety of options, such as waterproof, hypoallergenic or quick-drying, for example.

Wonder Lashes is not only about products, but also about training for eyelash stylists. The company offers courses in eyelash extensions and styling, which are taught by experienced instructors. Courses are available for people at different levels, from beginners to advanced.

Wonder Lashes always puts the customer's needs first and is committed to customer satisfaction. The company's customer service is always ready to help you choose the right product and advise you on any questions you may have. High quality products, experience and professionalism make Wonder Lashes one of the best suppliers of eyelash extensions and styling products on the market.

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