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IM THE LASHMAKER is a company offering products and services of the highest quality, designed for the most demanding customers.

Our professional approach to the needs of today's cosmetic industry makes us constantly strive to expand our shop's assortment, with everything that is necessary for the work of an eyelash stylist. We do not forget that quality is the most important thing, that is why the lashes and other products of our brand are of the highest class

Get us closer! Strength is female, and when two beautiful and determined women join forces, something special is created. This was also the case here. The founders of IMTHELASHMAKER are Olga Klucznik and Sylwia Mora. Every day she and her team follow the motto "I do what i love, I'm proud of who I am". Indissolvable, perfectly harmonious, understanding without words, like "heart and mind".

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