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Thuya is a Spanish cosmetics company specialising in high-quality nail, eyelash and eyebrow care and styling products. The brand's range includes hybrid nail polishes, manicure and pedicure accessories, eyebrow and eyelash paints, beauty care products and many other products. Thuya is recognised both by professional nail stylists and cosmetologists and by customers who value the quality and reliability of its cosmetics. The company focuses on innovation and continuous improvement of its products to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Thuya is a Spanish professional cosmetics manufacturer offering a wide range of products for eyelash, eyebrow and nail styling and care. The brand's range includes eyebrow dyes, eyelash laminators and adhesives, as well as nail care products. One of Thuya's most popular products is the eyelash lamination and colouring system, which provides the effect of long and thick eyelashes for a long time.
Thuya has been operating in the cosmetics market for more than 30 years, which has allowed the company to gain recognition among professionals and individual customers around the world. The high quality of the products, based on innovative formulations and ingredients of natural origin, is one of the key elements of the brand's success.
Thuya's eyelash lamination and colouring system is a comprehensive solution to achieve beautiful and natural-looking lashes, without the need for artificial lashes or make-up. The system includes professional formulations such as a laminator, dye, serum or conditioner to fully protect, regenerate and nourish the lashes while providing a beautiful, natural effect.
Thuya also offers a wide range of eyebrow paints in a variety of shades, which allow for precise colour matching to individual customer needs and preferences. Thuya paints are characterised not only by their intense colour, but also by their durability and ease of application.
The brand also offers other eyelash and eyebrow care products, such as conditioners, serums and eyelash adhesives, which guarantee full protection and regeneration while enhancing natural beauty.
Thuya is a company that not only supplies cosmetics, but also offers training and courses so that anyone interested can become a professional eyelash and eyebrow stylist. In this way, customers can be sure that the services performed with Thuya products are always of the highest quality.
All Thuya products are properly tested and comply with the highest quality standards, allowing full confidence from both professional stylists and individual clients.

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