Preparations Oil from BrowXenna Brow Xenna 67 - 1
 Preparations Oil from BrowXenna Brow Xenna 67 - 1
  •  Preparations Oil from BrowXenna Brow Xenna 67 - 1

Oil from BrowXenna

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Oil from BrowXenna has a strong regenerating and rebuilding effect.


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Oil company BrowXenna is a 100% natural product. Thanks to the components it contains, the olive has a strong regenerating and rebuilding effect even on very damaged eyebrows, for example after chemotherapy.

It contains 17 active vitamin components, among others:

linoleic acid

oleic acid,



polyunsaturated acids,

amino acids,

vitamins B, A, C, E, K,

micro and macroelements.

The olive also has papaya extract, which, in addition to its nourishing effect, closes the scales of the hair so that the colouring effect lasts longer.

It is important that using an olive does not rinse the pigment out of the skin faster.

At the end of the colouring treatment with BrowXenna products, the eyebrows should be secured with BrowXenna Oil, by applying one drop to the brush, combing the eyebrows several times and then lightly massaging for about 2 minutes. Repeat on both eyebrows.

The olive acts as a waterproof filter which facilitates the protection of eyebrows, which should not be washed with water for 24 hours after the treatment.

BrowXenna Oil is currently the only product in the Browxenna range that can also be safely applied to eyelashes.

Please apply one drop to the eyelash brush and comb through the lashes several times.

The olive complements the BrowXenna Natural Care product perfectly in case of eyebrow growth or regeneration. The effects of the treatment are visible after just two months of regular use.


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Oil from BrowXenna