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 InLei Inlei® CAPPUCCINO InLei 44.99 - 1
 InLei Inlei® CAPPUCCINO InLei 44.99 - 1
  •  InLei Inlei® CAPPUCCINO InLei 44.99 - 1
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Inlei®  CAPPUCCINO - High quality gel henna for eyebrows and eyelashes InLei® cappuccino, the right colour to lightly highlight eyebrows or eyelashes to harmonise with blonde hair or any hair colour.


Inlei® CAPPUCCINO - InLei® eyelash and eyebrow tinting with high coverage in a classic colour suitable for accentuating black and brown lashes, or permanent colouring of lashes and light eyebrows.

Henna INLEI® Effective and delicate, innovative formula rich in waxes of plant origin allows full penetration of the product into the structure of eyelashes and eyebrows and guarantees intense and long-lasting shades.

Thanks to the skilful mixing of ingredients and the use of high-purity pigments, INLEI® pigments are able to provide stable and intense colour.

INLEI® pigments last on the hair of eyelashes and eyebrows for up to 7 weeks, while on the skin for up to 8-10 days.

Use with INLEI® 1.5% 5 Vol. oxidiser to obtain a creamy and suitable consistency.

The INLEI® colour line has been specially designed for use with IN LEI® "Lash Filler" products.

The colouring helps to lighten the hair and plays an important role in the process of opening the hair cuticles and filling them in.

Does not contain ammonia.

Country of Origin: 100% Made in Italy

Use Only for professional use
Use only with In Lei® 1.5% 5 VOL.
Capacity: 15ml


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