Henna Henna from BrowXenna colour 201 Pearl Blond Brow Xenna 126 - 1
 Henna Henna from BrowXenna colour 201 Pearl Blond Brow Xenna 126 - 1
  •  Henna Henna from BrowXenna colour 201 Pearl Blond Brow Xenna 126 - 1

Henna from BrowXenna colour 201 Pearl Blond

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Henna from Brow Xenna is a total "must have" to work in the living room


Henna company BrowXenna for women who like to emphasize their natural beauty.

BrowXenna #201 Pearl Blond is a colour so bright that when applied in pure form it will not give any colour to the hair at all, let alone be visible on the skin. 

This is a colour which is dedicated mainly to women with Scandinavian beauty to highlight the colour. For the Slavic type of beauty, however, this colour is ideal for various combinations.

The colour is ideal to start with BrowXenna® products. It is ideal for a variety of combinations and can also be used boldly in pure form.

Henna for eyebrows BrowXenna® is a product which is the first brand on the market to be created specifically for henna-based eyebrows;

Selected by over 20,000 customers in 43 countries;

BrowXenna® usage instructions:

  • Before colouring:

Gently remove the makeup using micellar water. oil-based agents.

Prepare your eyebrows for colouring using BrowXenna® Eyebrow Shampoo. The shampoo gently and deeply cleanses the hair of the eyebrows and the skin surface and, thanks to its light exfoliation effect, gently removes dead skin particles which contributes to better colour retention.

With BrowXenna® Two-phase tonic, wash away any shampoo residues.

  • Mixture preparation:

In a non-metallic container, mix the dye (the amount of dyeing component corresponds to 2 grains of rice) with 4-8 drops of BrowXenna® Mineral Solution. The mineral solution does not contain impurities, additives or metals and therefore guarantees the desired shade and extends the life of the colouring.

Mix the resulting mixture thoroughly. If necessary, add mineral solution or colouring component to obtain a mixture with the desired consistency of soya sauce.

  • Earrow colouring:

Please apply the colouring mixture carefully while raising your eyebrows using a brush. Distribute the colour evenly. For a clear and even result, apply BrowXenna® Tinting Mixture in several layers while holding onto a new layer until the previously applied colour is dry. When the last layer is completely dry, moisten the mixture dried on the eyebrows and remove the residue from the eyebrows with a cotton swab moistened with a two-phase BrowXenna® tinting tonic.

To achieve a more intense colouring effect, the application time of the composition on the eyebrows can be 25 minutes from the application of the first layer.


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