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 Eyelashes in pallets DARK BROWN Eyelashes MATTline™ ZJ Pro ZJPro 74.9 - 1
 Eyelashes in pallets DARK BROWN Eyelashes MATTline™ ZJ Pro ZJPro 74.9 - 1
  •  Eyelashes in pallets DARK BROWN Eyelashes MATTline™ ZJ Pro ZJPro 74.9 - 1

DARK BROWN Eyelashes MATTline™ ZJ Pro

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Bestseller by ZJ PRO. Line DARK BROWN "MATTline™ eyelashes" signed by Zosia Jasinska.


The "MATTline™ eyelashes" DARK BROWN

Absolute HIT of the season, that is brown eyelashes in ZJ PRO® - their shade Dark Brown will delight you!

MATTline™ eyelashes Dark Brown were created for those of you who appreciate natural effect of styling.

Deep, dark brown in shade of coffee with chocolate perfectly harmonizes with almost every eye colour and subtly emphasizes their colour.

Dark Brown is a familiar fibre used in our MATTline™ black lashes. The only difference is the colour, which as you can see, is breathtaking.

The XL strips are longer than those available on the market and we've made them in the most popular lengths that you use most often. This way you get almost two extra straps to work with! This means another centimetres of valuable material and thus more treatments performed and additional profit per case!

We have divided the mini strips into two rows - a proven solution to prevent material waste and to keep them clean.

 MIXY "MATTline™ eyelashes" are:

- Deep brown and matte finish for a unique, natural looking application,

- Easy to create clumps of any volume,

- Shape and elasticity for the entire wearing period of the style,

- Precision in the length, thickness and profile of each lash,

- Ideal for any clumping technique,

- Specially formulated strips that do not detach from the holders during work, even with high humidity or long storage time,

- Minimized use of plastic by using a paper box,

Fully compatible with the ZJ PRO® System - by using the entire system your styles will last longer, regardless of working conditions.

In combination with REDUCTOR™, they eliminate the problem of folding tufts, guarantee better adhesion (without the effect of so called "slipping") to a natural lash, reduce the risk of sticking and increase cleanliness of the caps during work.

Minimisation of plastic use through the use of ecological paper packaging,

Functionality of box labeling - on each side there is information about the profile, thickness and length of eyelashes,

"MATTline™ eyelashes are the eyelashes you have been waiting for a very long time.

Eyelashes in which Zofia Jasinska put all her heart and passion.

We guarantee you that you will never want to work on others again.

Take your styling to an even higher level with ZJ PRO®.
ZJ PRO "MATTline™ eyelashes" extension lashes come in the following variants:

twist: C, D

thickness: 0.07; 0.10;

length: MIX

number of eyelash strips: 28

Width of strip with glue: 2 mm

In the box you will find a total of 28 strips:

    2x 6mm
    4x 7mm
    2x 8mm
    2x 8mm XL
    3x 9mm XL
    4x 10mm XL
    3x 11mm XL
    2x 11mm
    4X 12mm
    2x 13mm

colour: deep, dark brown

finish: matt


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