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Inlei is an Italian company that specializes in the production of cosmetics and tools for extending, thickening and laminating eyelashes and eyebrows. Their products are used by professionals in beauty salons around the world.

Inlei is an Italian brand that for more than a decade has specialized in the production of cosmetics and tools for extending, thickening and laminating eyelashes and eyebrows. Thanks to its innovative products and high quality workmanship, the company has gained worldwide recognition, and its products are used by professionals in beauty salons.
One of Inlea's most recognizable products is Lash Filler, an eyelash lamination treatment. Thanks to its special formula and active ingredients, Lash Filler allows for the lengthening, thickening and strengthening of natural eyelashes. The treatment is non-invasive and safe to use, and the effects last for weeks.
Inlei also offers a range of other products to help care for and style eyelashes and eyebrows. These include eyelash conditioners and serums, as well as henna and eyebrow dyes. All Inlei products are carefully formulated and tested to ensure the highest quality and safety for use.
Inlei has gained worldwide recognition for its innovation and attention to quality. All the brand's products are developed with customers' needs and the latest trends in the cosmetics industry in mind. Inlei is constantly seeking new solutions and improving its products to meet the demands of the market and customers.
Inlei also offers training courses for eyelash and eyebrow extension and thickening professionals. The training courses include knowledge of techniques and methods, as well as learning about the brand's products and their properties. Trainings are organized in various countries, including Poland.
Inlei is a company that, in addition to its products and training, also works to protect the environment. The brand is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by using recycled packaging and raw materials from organic farming.
Thanks to its innovation, attention to quality and environmental protection, the Inlei brand has gained recognition among customers and professionals around the world. The company offers products and training for professional care and styling of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as care for their health and safety.

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