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Tapes and petals

Tapes and flakes for professional eyelash extension treatments - only the best products on the market

Eyelash extensions to run in comfortable conditions and at the same time be safe and take into account eye protection should be used with the available Lashes Mania wrap andtape. In our collections you will find hydrogel wafers to separate the upper and lower eyelashes, thanks to which even very short eyelashes in the corners can be separated. Their undoubted advantage is that they do not pull the eyelids and are very delicate. Foam tape is an ideal alternative to hydrogel flakes. It is very elastic and adapts well to any skin type. By using it we can precisely separate the lower and upper shank , which will certainly translate into a comfortable shank extension treatment. For topical eyelids we recommend a paper tape, which will be perfect for eyelash extensions in women with dropping eyelids

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