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Professional eyelash tweezers - The best products on the market at very good prices

A very important aspect of the press as Stylist of Eyelashes is the right choice of products and accessories that will be used for work. One of the indispensable elements of the work of each Stylist of Eyelashes are Pęsets. They are selected individually for each applicationand technique used by the stylist. In the Lashes Mania shop's offer, each page to treated eyelashes has been described in detail, which will undoubtedly make the choice easier and will allow you to choose the right styling set. For separation of eyelashes we recommend straight tweezers or tweezers, which have a special bend on the eyelid protrusion. Curved tweezers are very good for applying tweezers to natural lashes. It is ideal for creating beautiful ranges in various volume techniques. Two-pin tweezers are a product that will work well for the creation of tufts with rocking technique. The creation of volume tufts with scraped, interleaved and fingertipped technology is made possible by the so-called Popytko tweezers. All presented models are available in our shop. We provide them at the best price and the best quality.

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Every Lash stylist knows that creating unique and fluffy applications is no mean feat. You could call it art. A very important aspect of the work of each experienced and beginner Eyelash stylist is undoubtedly appropriate accessories and of course professional products used during treatments. The next stage of successful Eyelash Styling is the appropriate selection of lashes to the shape of the client's eye. After appropriate preparations for the treatment each Lash Style needs to choose a good and corresponding tweezers. Here is a short overview of tweezers available in the Lashes Mania. For professional eyelash stylists, we recommend the equally professional curved tweezers Wonder Lashes Diamond hoofed hoofed/strong> and Vetus. They are lightweight and allow stable and precise gripping of lashes. Additionally, the tweezers from Wonder Lashes have a diamond coating which will surely contribute to "not letting tufts through". It is available in a brown colour version. Among the tweeted that allows free manoeuvring of stems, the Vetus models, made of stainless steel tweeted with extremely precise contacts, are also particularly popular. For Eyelash extensions you also need straight set. Check the models offered in our shop now and choose the product that suits you best.