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Glue for Eyelashes

Professional eyelash styling glue

Lash glue is an indispensable element of every stylation of lashes. Surely without it the thickening and extension of eyelashes would not be possible. The variety of available on the market Absortments for eyelash styling allows for an appropriate selection of the product depending on the prevailing weather conditions and working pace stylers. Every Stylist who starts her adventure with eyelash extensions wonders what to choose to glue to the eyelashes to take care of quality, performance and saving chau and money. In our shop you will find mascara glues the leading Polish manufacturers, which are appreciated by industry experts and the best Stylist. Some adhesives are excellent for volume methods others for 1:1. However, their indispensable advantage is a beautiful gloss and strong black. The basic parameters characterizing each of the glue available in our shop offer are: humidity, drying time, operability, seasonality and working temperature.


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In the shop offer Lashes Mania there are classic glues as well as allergic glues. Each glue undoubtedly needs to be protected from drying out.A fantastic product which will perfectly fulfil this role is thermal insulating trolley, will extend the life of glue, protect from high temperatures and strengthen its action. Proper storage of glue is extremely important for their cost. If our adhesives are stored correctly, it will certainly improve the profitability of treatments. The recommended product for storing adhesives for Stylization Eyelashes are Alue containers. The next product, which is a very important element of proper handling of styling glue Eyelash is A glue sticker, thanks to which you will tightly secure the bottle, which will allow you to extend the usefulness of the product in your beauty salon. The incredible stones can keep the glue at the right temperature which will certainly translate into time and quality of work of each Stylist Eyelashes. When using stickers for styling eyelashes, harmful and irritating smells escape. The solution to this problem is a odour neutraliser in different fragrance variants. It is certainly a product that will allow you to increase the comfort of work for each Stylist Eyelashes and clients.

The best is to check and test all available products in our shop from leading Polish manufacturers and choose the ones that work best in different weather conditions that prevail in a beauty salon and, most importantly, fully correspond to the style of work of a particular beautician. Of course, we are at your disposal and will be happy to help you choose the right product.