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Eyelashes in pallets

Artificial eyelashes looking like real ones - professional products from renowned manufacturers

The stupendous eyelashes are a product that is used by Stylist. They are designed to emphasize the eye frame by adding appropriate expression, charm and femininity. It so happens that not every woman can boast of beautiful, thick and dense the eyelashes. When the eyelashes are rare and weakened the best and quickest solution is to carry out a professional treatment, which is impatientlythe extension of the eyelash. Eyes will take a clear, fresh look which will certainly emphasize and expose the beauty of every woman. An additional advantage of the extension squence is a big time saving, we don't have to use mascara and we look beautiful, regardless of the time of day.

Enternet shop Lashes Mania specialises in the distribution of professional accessories for Lash styling. For our key customers, which are beauty parlours, we have prepared a very favourable offer of products originally packaged and brand new, which come from renowned and valued manufacturers. Extremely attractive, the prices are undoubtedly an additional advantage of shopping in our online shop.

Our wholesaler offers professional products for the easelash extensions treatment, thanks to which you can thicken and lengthen the eyelashes in an effective and durable way. We offer different types of lash extensions on a silicone strip, which are of different thickness and length and have different profiles. They are characterized by a natural and beautiful sheen, they are durable and durable as they do not deform, bend or break. Eyelash extensions can be done by applying settings, which are extremely delicate, natural, and their improved fibres, which are characterized by exceptional microporosity, quickly and efficiently stick to natural eyelashes. Eyelashes on a strip are very easy to apply, as they are placed on a thin strip, which ensures comfort of application. Our shop also offers various preparations and accessories to Eyelash application, which will make the work of any stylist easier, such as glue, pressettes or brushes.

All products offered for styling spr are accessories of the highest quality that are durable, safe and anti-allergic. They add depth to the look and emphasize the beauty of every woman's eye.